• vasile mosac

Apple WatchOS 7 sleep tracking: What it can and can't do

I've been sleeping with my Apple Watch and learned some things.

Apple Watch never did native sleep tracking before -- unless you downloaded third-party apps -- but it will soon. Apple WatchOS 7 adds a new sleep app and tracking features, including a wind-down mode, sleep schedules and even an alarm. The first public beta for the Apple Watch is here and I've been trying it out to see how it compares next to a Fitbit Versa 2 and Oura ring, all of which I've been wearing at the same time.

First of all, don't update to the WatchOS 7 public beta if you can help it. Betas are experimental, it needs iOS 14 public beta to also be installed on your iPhone and Apple's final version of WatchOS 7 should be here in the fall, maybe in a month or so based on previous years. I tried the beta on an Apple Watch Series 5.


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