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Top 5 iPhone Repair Shops in Miami Beach

Nowadays almost all of us own and apple iphone and that's an expensive device, what if you one day you had an accident and the screen cracked?

You happen to be lucky and live in Miami Beach than you have a lot of options but not all the shops are the best so here is a list of best 5 iPhone repair shops in Miami Beach

5. iPhone Repair Miami Beach

This store has been for long time in miami beach and they offer decent quality and repairs but they have some issues sometimes like the store would be closed or quality issues so you would have to call ahead to make sure that is opened and they have exactly what you are looking for and exact quality.

4. Miami Nerds

This guys work from home so there is no store where you can come by but they specialize not only in iphone but in all phones and computers so that's sometimes will be more complicated for them to fix it fast as you want it, so as long as you can wait for a couple of hours to a day or so go to them

3. Nation Wireless

They have good reviews on yelp and they do pretty much a good job, downside is the area of the store that sometimes have some homeless people outside that can make you uncomfortable, so make sure you are aware of that

4. Smartfixtronics

Location is on 71 street so if you want to travel a little that's fine as they have a really good technician that mostly fix everything and they use quality parts

1. iFix Sobe

So in number one place is iFix sobe that have been in business from 2012 and location is the heart of South Beach, they offer only high quality repairs and the time frame is less than 20 min, you can just walk in and it's done in a matter of minutes. Store is easy to find next to famous Espanola way and you will be greeted with nice environment. Definitely best iPhone repair shop in miami beach. Ou and they specialize only in iPhone repairs so you know you will get best in the market.

1454 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL, 33139

786 353 7171


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