• vasile mosac

COVID19 in Miami Beach, business affected and how it feels like living here during this times

Coronavirus pandemic got everyone by surprise and we did not know what is coming to our lives and business. i remember that before the lockdown i was in my shop in miami beach talking about the china pandemic and that everything was like in movies and later on in a couple of weeks it came to usa. Of course no one was ready for this, that's why business was at a high risk of closing. When we had to shut down there was an uncertainty in what's gonna happen tomorrow. A lot of stress for all business owner in miami beach, some restaurants closed indefinitely, some were doing deliveries and picks and other retail just shut their doors. Later on we opened and were using masks and shields but there were no tourists at all. i remember i was coming to work (phone repair shop) and i saw a huge car line in front of convention center in miami beach, i was wondering why they stay in line... Apparently all of those people were waiting for their covid 19 test. News were saying that miami is the next wuhan. Same time the crazy protesters were making violent movements in downtown miami. That along with the virus made business in miami beach dead completely. But everyone hopes that all will get back to normal. Some phone repair shops in usa were very busy because apple closed most all of their retail stores. My shop was not busy at all as it is located in a tourist area so i was same as any other retail in miami beach. We are still waiting for everything to get back to normal and i am certain that a lot of business will close.

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