• vasile mosac

iPhone SE 2020 budget phone or is it?

So during this coronavirus pandemic apple magically came up with an affordable iphone, actually the most affordable and i can say its a total success. The iPhone SE cost is excellent and the features that it provides make it one of the best deals on the market, it's like buying a mercedes benz for a price of a kia but still having mercedes benz features and looks. Here are 3 colors that they came up for this model, black, white and red.

I have been using the iPhone for a week now and i can say that it took me a while to use the home button again after getting used to swiping move, but i love the small factor of the iPhone and that its easy to handle with one hand and easier to carry around. Super fast as it has the same A13 chip as iPhone 11, camera is decent and battery is ok as well. Overall i enjoy using this iPhone more than other iPhones especially knowing that i paid only 400$ for a premium apple product.


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