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iPhone X screen cracked? Turns out you don’t have to pay OLED prices to replace the display

iPhone X has a beautiful OLED display but when it comes to replace it no one wants to pay a ton of money. So at iFix Sobe there are a couple of option to save on your cracked screen repair. You can either get a tft quality that will be like halth price of the oled screen or you can go for aftermarket oled screen that is basically same as original quality. This way you will definitely save money and you will end up with a working iphone. Here ate iFix Sobe you don't have to wait, the repair will be done in less than 20 min, you can even send in your iphone and will ship it back to you super fast.

Let's say you need to make an upgrade and your carrier is asking you to bring in your old iphone for trade in but when you get there they say that they cannot accept it as there a crack on the screen so what do you do? You come to iFix Sobe and get it fixed and voila you can now upgrade and save money and have a brand new iPhone.

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