• vasile mosac

iPhone Xs Max Screen Replacement OLED original vs aftermarket, which one to get?

With so many options on iphone screen repair nowadays its very hard to understand what quality is better and is it worth it and i am here to explain to you all of that. First of all iPhone Xs Max has a beautiful screen that uses OLED technology to get bright colors in any condition. In my experience best way to keep it like that is not to break it but let's say you broke the screen so what are your options? Now you have an original option from Apple but that's a super expensive option so you come iFix Sobe and there is an original refurbished option that cost 30% less that Apple offers and also there is a aftermarket option that is 50% less money than Apple.

So my suggestion is that you better save money and get it fixed at iFix Sobe.


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